To lead people to Christ and to develop God’s people to become mature and committed followers of Christ.

It is a dream of providing a community for thousands of new Chinese people who move into our area looking for assistance in fulfilling their needs whether they are physical, spiritual, emotional, or social.

It is a dream of sharing the good news of the Gospel, brought by our Lord Jesus through His death and resurrection. We have an opportunity to share with thousands of unchurched and unbelieving friends, particularly those who are Chinese, in both Central & South San Jose Areas.

It is a dream of forming small groups in the church and its members’ surrounding areas where our people can nurture and be nurtured, accept and be accepted, love and be loved, shepherd and be shepherded, encourage and be encouraged, forgive and be forgiven, and serve and be served along side one another.

It is a dream of helping numerous members, youth and adults, in pursuing growth and maturity in Christ by establishing their devotional life and spiritual habits.

It is a dream of discovering our members’ spiritual gifts and of recruiting, equipping, training them to be useful vessels of God.

It is a dream of sending out many of our members as ambassadors of God’s missions, short term mission participants, full time ministers and missionaries.

It is a dream of providing several worships in Sundays for increasing number of new believers and new comers.