Chinese for Christ Church of San Jose

English Worship Service

Worship Service: 10:00 –11:10 am followed by snacks in the Fellowship Hall.

Call To Worship* – Hannah Lee

Praise & Worship*- Praise Team and Congregation

Welcome & Announcements – Mike Tai

Sermon  “God is in the Details”  Daniel 11 (page 748) – Joey Wang

Communion – Baptized Believers

Doxology (Words of Praise)*- Congregation

Prayer & Benediction (Lord’s Blessing)* – Joey Wang

*Please stand, if physically able. Also, please set your cell phones to “silent.”

Please exit through the ‘front’ of the sanctuary at the end of service.  Thank you.

Background on the Book of Daniel

When? The events in the book of Daniel take place from ~605 B.C. – 536 B.C. during the reigns of King Nebuchadnezzar and King Belshazzar (Babylon) through King Cyrus (Median-Persian).  During this time, the people of God (Israel) are living as exiles – under the reign and rule of other nations.

The Book of Daniel is about:

  1. The Story of God,
  2. The Sovereignty of God,
  3. God’s People Living as Faithful Exiles.

Outline of the Book of Daniel:

Daniel 1-6; Narrative (Story) & 7-12: Apocalyptic (Prophecy)

Daniel 1, 8-12 written in Hebrew; Daniel 2-7 Written in Aramaic

Chiastic Structure of Daniel 2-7:

A Daniel2: 4 Empires and God’s Coming Kingdom

            B Daniel 3: Trial by Fire & God’s Deliverance

                   C Daniel 4: A King Warned, Defiant and Deposed

                  C’ Daniel 4: A King Warned, Defiant and Deposed

                 B’ Daniel 6: Trial by Lion’s Den & God’s Deliverance

           A’ Daniel 7: 4 Empires & God’s Everlasting Kingdom

We are glad that you have joined us this morning as we begin the new year worshipping Jesus together and being reminded of who He is!

If this is your first time here, please fill out one of the cards in the pew and give the card on to any of our ushers if you would like us to contact you with more information about our church.


  1. New Sunday School Quarter: This Sunday begins our Summer Quarter (June-August) of Sunday School Classes. Please see chart for grades and classroom locations.
  2. 5th Grade Graduation: We’ll be celebrating our 5th graders this afternoon at 1:30pm in the Sanctuary! Come join us for an afternoon of sharing and celebration!
  3. Friday Night Fellowship (6/9): Our summer fellowship (June-August) for college students and older will be gathering this Friday from 8-10pm in the church duplex. Please contact Angeline Lee ( for further information.
  4. Missionary Sharing (Saturday): Missionaries Kip & Ivy Hoech (Kyrgyzstan) will be sharing this Saturday (6/10) from 7:30-9:00pm in the Fellowship Hall. Come join us for this church-wide event as we hear about the challenges and joys of God’s work overseas!
  5. Summer Retreat (6/16-6/18): Last day to sign-up for our first ever joint English-Chinese Summer Retreat on 6/16 (Friday evening) – 6/18 (Sunday afternoon) is Thursday, (6/1). The theme is “All For One” (Psalm 79:13) – come join us as we worship God together, through playing together, praying together, singing together, hearing God’s Word together and hearing how God has been at work in the different ministries and lives of our church – from young to old!

Prayer Requests & Praises   

  1. Praise God & pray for our graduating 5th graders as they join our English worship service and Sunday school classes starting this month.
  2. Praise God for our upcoming 8th graders Aaron Zhang, Alex Wan, Andrew Tu, Ashley Tsao, Audrey Lee, Celine Chou, Danielle Ma, Jocelyn Li, Josephine Chou, and Michael Yang and 12th grade Alice Shih, Joshua Ho, Micah Lee, Murial Wang, Tiffany Chang, Zachary Chan, and Vincent Xu graduates!
  3. Pray as we conclude our “3 Weeks of Fasting & Prayer” that we would continue to be in prayer for our church during this season of transition and changes – and grow as a church in prayerful dependency on God!
  4. Pray for Daniel Chen (and our English/Youth Ministry) as he transitions down to Southern California to start his summer ministry internship.
  5. Pray for God’s provision & wisdom for our Pastor-Elder Board (PEB) as they continue searching and interviewing prospective candidates for our youth or associate pastor opening for our English ministry.

Recommended Resources on the Book of Daniel

The following are some of the commentaries consulted in preaching through the book of Daniel:

Daniel (Reformed Expository Commentary) by Iain M. Duiguid

  • This commentary strikes a good balance between interpreting the text (exegesis) and applying the text (application). If you can only refer to one commentary on Daniel, use this one!

Daniel (NIV Application Commentary) by Tremper Longman

  • Similar to Duiguid’s Daniel, this is also a good balanced commentary for general readers.

Daniel (Word Biblical Commentary) by Jay Goldingay

  • Probably the best technical (in-depth) scholarly commentary on Daniel which not only gets into the original languages (Hebrew & Aramaic) of Daniel but also interacts with other scholarly works and interpretations of Daniel.

Preaching Christ from Daniel by Sidney Greidanus

  • Less a commentary but more a guide for pastor/teachers to see and teach Christ in the book of Daniel.

Daniel (Geneva Series of Commentaries)  by E.J. Young

  • An older but just as useful more technical commentary on Daniel. This is a good companion commentary to Goldingay’s.

New City Catechism (from

We hope that this will be a tool for us to use in discipling our children, one another and ourselves as a church community.  The New City Catechism is also available online & for your smart phones.

Question 33: Should those who have faith in Christ seek their salvation through their own works, or anywhere else?

Answer: No, they should not, as everything necessary to salvation is found in Christ.  To seek salvation through good works is a denial that Christ is the only Redeemer and Savior.

Passage(s): Galatians 2:16